July 22, 2008

Mad Indeed

I bought a bike for my triathlon because the bike we owned was a piece of crap and the bike I borrowed required more money to fix than I was willing to put into a bike that wasn't mine. So, I went to the bike shop recommended to me by my therapist. (What a handy profession that is.) She told me about a fellow who spruced up old bikes and put them back out on the road. He called his little outfit Mad Dog Bikes and he operated out of his garage. Since she last went to him in the 1990s I googled him to see if he'd moved or something and I found his very informative website- maddogbicycles.com. Let me tell you, that fellow was super helpful and made me feel like he really valued me as a new bike enthusiast and customer. I could ask him any question and he didn't make me feel stupid. He let me ride the bikes around the neighborhood and built one for me when he realized the model that suited me best was still disassembled in a box. He also threw in a free kickstand, water bottle holder AND water bottle! So, go to this store if you can. It's worth the 10 minute ride south of Albany. And he absolutely deserves the business.

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