July 21, 2008

Look Into My Cristobal

I love the Weather Channel. I'm glad it was bought by General Electric NBC because chances are it will maintain its current incarnation since it looked like something NBC owned already. I just hope NBC doesn't fire all the people and hire new ones. Marshall Seese is near retirement! I mean look at the guy! Leave him alone! And don't hire all dudes- I love that you have tons of women on your channel of various sizes and child rearing age. Some of them might even have gone through the Change. I love everything about the Weather Channel. Keep it the SAME! Or make it better- but only if I approve.

Anyway, I watch Channel de Weather constantly- morning, noon, and night. I was watching it last week when I learned the name of the newest tropical storm Cristobal. I know the Weather Channel doesn't name the tropical storms, the Meteorlogical Society does, but seriously- Cristobal? Cristobal sounds like a flamboyant Hispanic from Miami who wants to throw a disco in my living room after giving me highlights and teaching me to salsa. He sounds like a real party. He'll even bring the booze.

Katrina, now there's someone who sounded like a bitch from the get go.

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dad said...

I too enjoy the weather channel as video "white noise" when i'm up to something else. But woe be to the pilgrim who does not heed the word of Jim Cantore. They only trundle him out for a serious atmospheric thumpin'.