September 11, 2011

Next Time, Fewer Bodily Fluids

Today was my first hot yoga session. I went with my awesome friend Karla. She belongs to the studio and today was the first pay-what-you-will hot yoga class so she invited me to join her. I hadn't been to a yoga class in years. And even then it was at the Y and not at a studio. I prefer a studio to the Y because of the overall atmosphere and approach to the study. All of that aside, I still had never done a hot yoga class. And I was a little nervous.

Hot yoga is a kind of yoga where the room is, well, hot. There's no special technique or anything. It's just that the temperature of the room is hotter than your normal room. When I registered for the class online yesterday there were only ten people out of a possible thirty. When I got there today, later than planned, there were already twenty people in there. And the room isn't that big. Karla and I had to squeeze our way to find some floorspace making me closer than I like to other people. I'm afraid of contact. I don't mind contact with strangers, I just don't like said stranger's feet in my face.

So what do I think about hot yoga? I like it. But then again, I like yoga. I don't know if I need my yoga to be hot. The temperature didn't really enhance my experience. There's a lot of sweating and smelling. The dude next to me sweat a lot on the floor right in front of his mat. No biggie except when we were supposed to extend our arm on the floor to our side, I plopped my arm right into the small puddle of sweat. It was... sticky. If there was another chance for me to go, I would. Only that time, I'll pee beforehand. I thought I would sweat so much that the pee would reabsorb so I didn't rush out to pee right at the beginning of class. Instead, I couldn't to certain poses really well for fear of my bladder exploding out of my bellybutton. You think I'd know better. But I don't.


Karla G said...

That's me!!!!!!!

Gina said...

I took a bikram class a couple months ago. Boy, did it smell bad.

ps - I find your exploding bellybutton reference both gross and horrifying.