May 18, 2011

Jam Session

Lately I've been buying music as once off songs. Though I understand that's the way the music industry is going I don't have to like it. I used to spend most of my expendable income on buying whole albums of new artists. Sometimes I would get a real gem; find an artist or a band and follow them for years. Most times I would enjoy a one-time treat and that was that. I'm not as much as a musical serial monogamist as I'd like to think I am. That's why most of my iPod is singles. I don't much care for it. It's easy to forget how artists still plan a whole listening experience with their albums. So lately I've been buying whole albums- yes on iTunes but since I don't drive a car the iPod and my smart phone are my musical modus operandi- and I've been really lucking out on what I've been buying.

I caught Ellie Goulding on SNL last week and I was intrigued. I liked her first song on the show so much I had an idea I would like all of her stuff. She's a British, dance-electonica-pop sounding pixie. And that's pretty much a guarantee that I'll like her. She sang "Lights" on the show but I've been taking turns loving and playing each song on hour long repeats. This morning was "This Love:"

Right? Totes awesome.

The other album I've been spazzing over is Raphael Saadiq's new musical offering Stone Rollin'. I've been following his career since he was rocking my seventh grade world as a third of Tony! Toni! Toné! (In writing this I proceeded to serenade Mike with various offerings off their last album. "Lay Your Head on My Pillow" and "If I Had No Loot" made appearances. He LOVED it.) I followed Saadiq to Lucy Pearl- his collaboration with one of the En Vogue singers and some other dude. Loved that album so much it totally bums me out that they broke up after making it. Too much awesome I suppose. Anywhoodle. Stone Rollin' has a wonderful '60s throw back sound. And the eponymous single is about a full bottomed woman- something I appreciate. You know because I am one... Of course there aren't many in the video but whatever.

So I may not spend so much time or money in the stores on physical CDs or records. But I'm finding my way back to the music. And it feels good.

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