May 23, 2011

I Knew She Was Stubborn...

The cat stopped eating her dry food one day. Literally, one day she was eating it and the next day she just stopped. And it was the day after I bought a whole new bag of cat food. But of course! Her weight has dropped and I can feel all of her bones. Her energy and personality are both the same. She still eats her wet food so I'm not concerned about her appetite and all ensuing health problems associated with it. I asked my dad for some advice and he suggested grinding her dry food into smaller bits to see if she eats it then. Then that would simply mean her teeth hurt in her old age. And that's nothing to worry about.

Fluffy is getting up to twelve years old at this point. For her to still have the energy she used to have is really great. I just wish she wasn't so crotchety. Since she stopped eating the dry food- and I'm still giving her the same amount of wet food because she eats that so fast she pukes it up. Now that I type that I've noticed she's stopped puking. I can't believe it took me that long to realize. And I know the dry food isn't totally to blame because she puked everything up. Maybe just eating less is good for her. Just like losing weight contributes to less acid reflux. I'm still going to try and get her to eat some dry food. That way she won't be hungry if we're gone overnight.

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dad said...

Since she would eat soft not hard food, I reasoned maybe her teeth hurt, but being picky would also fit her personality. I don't mean to say you shouldn't be concerned if her teeth hurt--just that it's possibly less serious a problem than something internal, and could pass on its own. Cats. What are you gonna do.