April 18, 2011

Maybe It Was That Bad Afterall

So. Sooooo. The problem with the car wasn't just the master cylinder. It's also the transmission. Oh oh oh yeah. THE TRANSMISSION. It sucked when it was the clutch last year. But that's nothing compared to the transmission. With the master cylinder I freaked out. And yet I'm not freaking out about the transmission. It is what it is. Now we have to be without a car for another few days. Our friend offered to lend us her car again and we'll probably take her up on it. But ouch to our pocketbook. Our already empty pocketbook.

It wasn't so upsetting when we were actually without a car for two days. I took the bus to and from work like I always do (It was a little less pleasant because Saturdays don't have the best schedule.) and on Sunday we were able to walk to breakfast, a movie matinee and the grocery store. It was downright liberating. We were able to really take advantage of our neighborhood and all the wonderful things it offers within a mile. That was a Sunday. Starting Monday not having a car proves to be difficult. Especially when one person commutes to another state on a daily basis.

It's not worth getting a new car either like some would at this stage. This car is only seven years old and is in really good shape otherwise. I took really good care of it and always lived close to where I worked so I either didn't drive or drove short distances. I love this car. I want to drive this car until it falls irreparably apart. And it looks like that's exactly what we're doing.

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