December 18, 2010

How Do You Spell Chanukah Anyway?

At my job the other day someone wished me Happy Holidays. I really appreciated the sentiment and I appreciate her attempt at being unoffensive but I think it's safe to assume I celebrate Christmas. Chanukah is over and I most certainly don't celebrate Kwanzaa. If I did I would just be an asshole looking for an ass whooping. I don't think the people who are about "taking back Christmas" are right to be so vehement about this time of year- militaristic if you ask me, but I do wish people felt it was okay to wish others a happy whatever it is they celebrate. If someone wishes me a Happy Chanukah I would say thank you. If someone wished me a Blessed Ramadan I would feel confounded, but grateful. Kwanzaa I would just ask them a million questions about it with big, appreciative grin on my face.

The bottom line is, many people don't approach holidays like I do. But I'm sure there are many others out there that do. I love different celebrations in different cultures. I think that's what makes this world so awesome. Why can't others celebrate that? Wish me the best whatever holiday you want. It's the thought that counts.

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mvorpal said...

Merry Christmas baby. And I don't think it matters how how you spell Chanukah, as long as you make the "bringin' up a loogie" sound at the beginning.