December 19, 2010

Don't They Want Me to Buy It?

The Ting Tings are a great duo from England that Mike, our friends PJ and Karen and I were able to see when they came through Albany two years ago. I went out and bought their album right away and couldn't wait for some new singles. Well, a new single just came out. And it is no where to be bought. So to YouTube I went. And this is the only embeddable video I could get. Sheesh. Why make it so hard?

The actual video looks like it's straight out of 1984. It has a plot but not really- there's a totalitarian industrial machine where humans are mere cogs; there's a keytar; there's glitter on the drum kit; there're shoulder pads in attendance; the film isn't digital; and there's a kaleidoscope. So, I recommend pulling up the official video on YouTube. It's totally worth it.

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