November 20, 2010

I'm Gonna Eat My Cake. And Cookies. And Cheese.

Tomorrow is the Philadelphia Half-Marathon (Marathon for Mike) and I am really excited! I haven't been training like I should but since I did the twelve on Monday and felt the same way I did when I ran twelve last year I'm feeling fairly confident. Also, there are at least three other friends running in it. I think there's a fourth but I haven't touched base with her about the race yet so I don't know if we're hanging out at all beforehand. But I'm sure another friend has and we'll all be together running a distance that people should only run in an emergency. Excellent!

I'm also excited just to see my friends. To be the cherry on top of this cake I won't feel bad about working out- because we'll be doing it at the same time! Whenever we all get together it's a really, really fantastic time. Since I have to work so much around Thanksgiving next week I might not be able to see everyone who will be there tomorrow. Big bummer. But since we're together tomorrow? Very small bummer. Sunday night's going to be a night of eating and drinking debauchery. Since I don't have to work until the afternoon and Mike is taking Monday off, we can have a nice, relaxing time. Eating almost anything we want. (He can eat whatever he wants. Me not so much but I'll come close.) Man I cannot wait!

As for Mike- I don't think he's as excited. Though he did 22 miles last week and could walk not too long after I know he's going to do so great! I am really thrilled for him. He's going to have a great route and he's going to keep a great pace. I need to make a sign for him and have one of our designated non-running friends (who thinks we're nuts) to hold the sign. I would get so sick of carrying a sign for 2.5 hours. I mean, I'd throw it away and all my glittery hard work would be for naught.

So. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you all about it. Or maybe just post a pic of the before and a pic of the after. How's that?

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