November 19, 2010

Got Nothing

I got nothing today because I just want to sleep. I don't even want to eat bad food. I just want to be warm again- something that is proving elusive. So here's what you get:
  1. If you find yourself with a wilty head of lettuce, non-iceberg lettuce, all you need to do is chop off a thin layer from the stem and put the lettuce in a cup of water. After all, the lettuce is a living plant and putting it in water freshens it up. The lettuce will crisp up and it's like you just found the freshest head of lettuce ever. This may or may not work depending on how wilted the lettuce is. The sooner you discover it's wilting the better.
  2. I think that The Lion King is a piece of crap. I hate it. Yeah yeah yeah- it's based on Hamlet. And I like Hamlet. But I think that The Lion King makes it cheap and stupid. The song writing is schmaltzy and lazy. "Hakuna Matata?" More like kiss my ass.
  3. The Neti Pot is the second GREATEST non-over the counter medicine remedy ever. It really works. I swear by it. The first? Ear candles. Open flames near the ear? Um... Open flames that make the pain and pressure go away? Yes please!
  4. A great, quick dinner is to chop up some chicken sausages of whichever variety- Italian, feta and spinach, smoked apple, etc- and bake it in pre-cooked polenta at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or so. You can add vegetables or fruit based on the sausage. It's a cheap, filling and tasty meal.
  5. My cat is the prettiest kitty in all the land.


kevinmarshall said...

I take great offense to #5. Your cat is not and can not be prettier than my kitty Zoe.

Abbie said...

The neti pot is a life saver. Just don't let people watch you do it because it doesn't work so well if you are laughing.