October 17, 2010

Hipster or Dude Who Lives in His Mom's Basement?

1. His hair is greasy and the haircut is all too similar to the one his mother gave him when he was five- short on the neck but generous in the bangs.

2. Mom and Dad enable his lifestyle.

3. His wardrobe consists of jeans with holes in them and t-shirts of defunct beer companies.

4. Rush's entire catalog is in his possession. In vinyl.

5. His glasses are plastic-rimmed.

6. The facial hair of choice is a mustache. Or an attempt at a mustache.

7. Frisbee is his sport of choice.

8. Sometimes, in the summer, he'll wear cutoff jean shorts.

9. He thinks JRR Tolkein is totally the author to read.

10. His mom wishes he would just get a real job already.

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