August 25, 2010

The Skinny

I know I said I wouldn't be this sparse again but I have good reasons, I swear! Your head will spin.

I got married and planned the whole thing almost on my own. Almost. I had many consultations with friends, help from family and both from the dude I married. But still, it's exhausting and incredibly time consuming to have an almost total DIY wedding. (And we got pictures back so I'll load some soon. Promise.) Every time I was on the Internet I felt guilty if I wasn't doing one of two things- finishing the wedding and one other research project.

I also did a new triathlon on Lake George that kicked my ass. But it was a lot of fun and I think with proper training I can do it better next year. Mike found us a lovely place to stay on the water and I got to try out my sexy new wet suit. It's a sleeveless onsie that makes me look like a seal. Sexy is an understatement, yeah?

I did my other triathlon, my last of the year. I was within a few minutes of my same time last year and can safely say I did well. This guy decided to cross in front of me with .05 miles left in the entire race and I yelled at him while huffing and puffing my way around the corner.

My good friend Karen asked me to be in her wedding and her bridal shower was this month. Lyndy and I got so fucking lost in New Jersey but we found a White Castle AND two Texas Weiners (a restaurant you perverts.) Then a weekend or so later I went to NYC for her bachelorette. I got to go a night early and she and I went to see an awesome concert. The next night she got in a fist fight with a bouncer. It was great.

Mike and I honeymooned in Napa, CA where we drank, ate, hung with new friends, hiked and ate some more. It was nice- our first vacation together and I'm glad it could be our honeymoon. Though we shouldn't wait another six years to go away together. Needless to say, I didn't tan. At all.

I quit my job only to be fired a week later. Over the phone. While at a wedding rehearsal for my fist-fighting friend. If I hadn't quit a week prior it would have really, really sucked. Then I started a new job which didn't pay me enough so I got ANOTHER job.

I started the OTHER job. I now work six days a week and have colorful bus commutes an hour in each direction. Three days I go to Troy (I like to do the 10 mile bike there as much as possible and Mike picks me up since I work so late) and three days I go to Schenectady in the other direction. That bike ride would be too long so I take the bus for that one. The inter-city buses are fine. Intra-city buses are not...

And I started training for a half-marathon. Woot! It's in Philadelphia the week before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!!

I'm going to do my best to do better. Look forward to November when I post every day. I'm going to have to flex my muscles in the next six weeks. I have to make it up to you, to my creativity and man- I miss blogging.

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