May 27, 2010

More Than My Groove Thing Shaking

You know how there are more articles out there about bridal weight loss there are about what centerpieces to choose? Ok I am exaggerating but that's what it feels like. I ignore most articles about weddings unless they have to do with the couple's relationship. I don't need someone telling me that my size eight dress of the rack is too big. Because it is not. That being said, I regret I didn't get in better shape. I haven't worked out since my last race and I've been a little carefree with the caloric intake. Man, I love Taco Bell. In fact, I could really go for some right now. What time is it? Drive thrus are totally open late, yes? Yes!

I digress. Though I'm really hard on myself right now (I kind of cried to Mike about how I wish I was in better shape for him for our wedding- for the record, he thinks I'm an idiot) I realize that I simply look like myself. I still look like the healthy Katherine who competes in triathlons. I still look like the Katherine who enjoys baked goods in, ahem, moderation. Isn't that all I can really ask of myself? There's a blogger I really enjoy who was in the best shape of her life for her wedding- who wouldn't want to be? But she doesn't look like that day to day. And she's mentioned how much that bums her out. She looks great now, but she beats up on herself whenever she looks at those photos. I never want to do that to myself. I am enough of an asshole about what I see in the mirror without adding my wedding album to that list of bummers.

So instead, I'm going to relish the fact that I didn't kill, deprive, or knock myself down in order to look like someone I'm not in my wedding photos. Yes, I wish my arms were a little more toned but frankly I've wished that for years. Maybe one day I will look at my wedding photos and wish I still looked like that. Maybe I'll look back and think, what was stopping me from being that much more fit? I won't know until that day comes. But for now, my dress fits me perfectly and I never went hungry. I'm taking what I can get. And that's totally cool by me.

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Teresa said...

I love looking at pictures from my wedding. Sure, I was 150 something pounds and 6 months pregnant, but when I see that belly in that gorgeous dress, nothing could make me happier. People who look back on their photos and wish they looked like that make me sad. Of course you wish you looked like that. It was the beginning of some of the best years in your life. And you were super happy. And super happy looks good on everyone.

Can't wait until next week! Congrats, kid.