April 1, 2010

Drink Myself to Sleep?

I'm not a sound sleeper by any definition but the last two nights have been exceptional in their crappiness. The cat had nothing to do with it- she's been going solo lately- and Mike hasn't snored in ages. I don't know what I can do to make my sleeping better. Sleeping pills are not something I ever want to resort to and I don't usually eat after 9pm and I especially don't drink black tea after 5pm. The only culprit I can find is stress.

Two nights ago I had nightmares that these small hives I've gotten lately turned into full on lesions and that I maxed out my credit card on the wedding and even went over by a dollar incurring hundreds of dollars in fees. Both things are weighing heavy in my mind. I haven't used my credit card like this ever. It's been around and whatnot but it's never seen a billing cycle like this before. Any wedding vendor that can take credit card is getting a credit card and since we're working with so many family friends, there aren't a lot of those. As for the hives, I went to a doctor and she didn't have any answers for me. She prescribed a steroid cream, a move I fully anticipated, and put me on my way. How helpful.

Last night I woke up every hour on the hour. I was awake enough to probably have a good workout when my alarm went off but I didn't go. Instead I chatted with Mikey and petted Fluffy in bed. Is it better to stay up when you're up even if you haven't had that much sleep? That and what was I going to do at the gym, swim for two hours? I may be lazy, but I thought I would have a better fighting chance if squeezed in some more sleep. Am I sabotaging myself? If so, tell me and I'll do get my ass in gear.

Like I said, I'm not the best sleeper but sheesh. This is killing me. My bed is no longer the refuge I thought it was.

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