March 27, 2010

And Yet, One of Her Songs is My Most Hated

OMFG OMFG OMFG! A friend of mine just told me that Sarah McLachlan is putting out her first studio album in SEVEN YEARS on JUNE 15th!!!!! Just in time for my BIRTHDAY. I don't think I can use enough caps to fully convey HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER. I own all of her albums. Studio albums, Christmas album, live albums, B-side albums. All of it. Forget that I am prone to hyperbole and believe me when I say SHE IS MY FAVORITE.

It all started in the 7th grade (apparently everything started for me in the 7th grade...) when I caught some Canadian music television up in the UP. There was this ethereal video with a beautiful woman hanging out in a church singing this amazing song that pulled you in with its powerful lyrics and kept you entangled with its soaring melody. I never forgot that song but couldn't figure out who it was until three years later. I saw the video again on late-night MTV. It was Sarah and the song was "Possession."

I went out and bought the album, listened to it and then went right back out and bought everything else she did. I would listen to her CDs all the time. In the car, in my room, in my Walkman. I know her albums inside and out and I've seen her in concert twice (I feel like I saw her thrice but can't imagine the second...)- once with friends instead of going to my junior year Homecoming dance and again with my mom after college. Sarah puts on the best concerts. She does at least two encores and obviously loves her fans. She is an amazing musician and a wonderful humanitarian. I didn't get to go to any Lilith Fairs, though. Too expensive. And I like to shave.

I've missed her presence on the air. She's put out some singles to promote her compilations but nothing like her studio albums. Her best album is probably her third. None of the following studio albums have had the same continuity of sound and theme since. They've been great and perfect for me to sing along with (I also have many, many of her song books and sang her songs almost exclusively for solo performances in theatre class and in choir- yep, I was that girl. And I don't give a damn.) Sarah McLachlan is just one of those artists who no one can replicate. Neither in sound nor in presence.

Here is the song that got me hooked for life, "Possesion."

Her Canadian totally shows through.

Here's another much loved, "Sweet Surrender."

And that song I most hate? "Angel." Don't even get me started.

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dad said...

Her stuff is haunting, lyrical, beautiful. I still think there's not enough true music being produced today, so it's good to hear she's doing another album; I'd like to hear it too. Shortly I'll be posting some stuff on my blog from the '80s that I recently found, if you want a listen...