April 28, 2010

Diary of a Raw Foodie

The last official day of the cleanse is today. I've spring cleaned my home and I've spring cleaned my body. Of four pounds. I feel the best I've ever felt and I can't believe it. Not eating any bread or starches or cheese has been truly eye opening to me. I proved something I never thought would be possible- I don't need breads and baked goods to feel satisfied. My whole life revolved around eating bread with everything. I convinced myself that I needed it but I was wrong the whole time. I feel so free and I don't want to change that.

To say I won't eat bread ever again would be foolish. What I will say is I will eat raw or straight fruits and vegetables for the vast majority of my meals. I will no longer depend on starches to get me through the day. Nut butters and fruits, rich salads and green smoothies will become staples of my diet. I know I can do this. So I will.

The beginning as hard. Day one was fine but day two was the most difficult. That's when my cravings really hit me hard. I'm glad it was a Sunday when I could be in complete control of what I was eating. We tried all kinds of new food, new recipes- many of which we will most certainly continue to make and enjoy. Many of them being smoothie recipes and other dips and snacks. Mike is now obsessed with the salt and vinegar kale chips I made. We ate vegetables we've never eaten- chard. We tried condiments we'd never heard of- tahini. We really went all out. Check out the sheer amount of food:That includes fifteen avocados, two bunches of apples, a bag of oranges, two bunches of broccoli, a bag of lemons, three bunches of kale, frozen fruit, a ton of almond milk, coconut water, lemon juice and tons of berries. That doesn't even include all the nuts and seeds in the pantry. I could go on. As of this writing we've eaten almost all of it. I've only had to throw out some moldy nuts (don't ask) and it turns out the chard was on the way out when I bought it. Don't ask me how much this all cost. You can't put a price on health and happiness. (Let's be real. Yes you can. It's quite high. That's why poor people are fat and miserable. I'm just not telling you because it was insane.) Every time I had to go to the store I felt the need to justify how much I was dropping on food by telling the clerks about the cleanse. One kind woman told me that I was perfectly proportionate and the last thing I needed to do was lose weight. I wanted to kiss her on the mouth. But I didn't. It was late and there was a cop nearby.

So, I would do this again without blinking an eye. I loved everything but two things- and Mike liked them just fine. Very long story short- if I can do this, I really can do anything.

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