October 22, 2009

A Dream Came True on Tuesday

I had a visit from the Ticket Fairy last Tuesday and was able to see Steve Martin in concert. ... What's that you say? Steve Martin? Yes. Steve Martin. Steve. Martinnnnnnnn. Stevemartin! Mike, my friend Emily and I were right there in the same room with him. And my brain didn't explode. Nor did I pee myself. Wowiewow! I got to see a life-long idol and I kept my faculties. Well, I giggled uncontrollably when he came out. I'm not much of a screamer so I just grinned and laughed so much my face hurt.

You know how some famous people get pet projects but take their shift from what they're known for really, much too seriously? Yeah, he didn't do that. He understood that people were there probably more to see him than they were to hear his music. I was legitimately there for both. I've heard some of the music from the album he is touring for and I've mentioned before on this blog that I enjoy good bluegrass. So I was genuinely looking forward to and enjoying that. But he still cracked jokes and made us laugh throughout the whole set. He understood that the people essentially came to see his music, but also expected the Steve Martin they all knew. In fact, in his second encore he played "King Tut" with the intro, "when you think of good bluegrass, you think of this song."

Seeing him perform was great for a few reasons, 1) that man can certainly play the banjo, 2) he's Steve Martin, 3) he had a great band with him who also had some wonderful songs of their own, 4) he's funny, 5) I was in the room with Steve Martin and 6) his songwriting is amazing. I had a truly wonderful experience being there with people who were thoroughly enjoying themselves, watching a fantastically talented man. What a great, unforgettable treat.

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