September 29, 2009

I Hope She Likes Yellow Crocs

I haven't been taking the same bus to work every morning the past week. I can't seem to get my morning routine down so I keep missing buses I think I can catch. It's not too troublesome because I live on a corner that has four different bus lines that I can take and I live a few blocks from another bus line that is free and a few more blocks from yet another bus line that is free (my grad school ID is good for something.) I've taken whichever bus I happen to catch when it shows up or when I plan better, I take the free one a few blocks away.

When I regularly catch the free one it's the same cast of characters at each stop. I wonder if I'll make any friends- my ride is short enough that I don't think I will, but a girl can dream- it's that regular. The other day I notice a woman who, to my recent knowledge, hadn't taken this bus before. She's in nursing scrubs and seems a little flustered because she almost missed the bus. No bother, that's been me before. When the bus gets downtown we each get off at the same stop. When I missed the regular free bus the next morning I decided to wait for the next free bus at a stop with a seat, a long block farther away from my regular stop. A few moments after I sit down the nurse shows up. Okay. She obviously lives in my neighborhood and works downtown. A mere coincidence. The third morning I take a bus I don't usually take that picks me up on my corner. The bus moves along its usual route and the woman gets on the bus at a stop between the usual pick-up spot and drop-off. Where does this woman live? It occurs to me that three unusual days in a row, this woman and I have found ourselves on three different buses.

This can only mean one thing. She's stalking me. I mean, why wouldn't she? I am so interesting looking with my iPod headset, PBS bag and cool glasses. She must be intrigued by my lunch box but can't muster the nerve to ask me about it. Maybe she wants to be my friend and thinks that creating a wacky situation where we keep taking the same different bus, I'll say something like, "we can't keep meeting like this" and give her my number. Then she'll call me, we'll get tea, she'll buy me my own scrubs for Christmas- wacky scrubs with Santas and reindeer on it, I'll buy her Crocs- they're so comfortable when you're on your feet all day, and we'll be instant besties. None of which would have happened if she didn't stalk my every bus move to give us the perfect meet-cute. What an effort! And just for me. How sweet.

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