September 23, 2009


The Albany police have some suspects in custody concerning the shooting that happened on my block last October. I can't believe that they arrested anyone at all considering there was nothing to go on after the crime. There was some speculation that the crime had connections to the victim's dad being a New York City police officer and then there was speculation that the crime was senseless. If the police have the right suspects my worst fear is realized- it was a robbery gone wrong.

The police aren't saying what brought them to these suspects. I almost don't care. They found and arrested three young men who tried to rob a man, shot him in the head, left him for dead and then went off and robbed someone else. You read about these things and watch them on Dateline- not expecting them to happen within earshot.

I thought that when they found someone I would feel relief or elation. I really don't feel anything. Well, I'm grateful for the hard work and I'm happy for the parents of the victim who can now have some closure. But I don't feel any safer. The arrested young men are accused of just riding around on their bikes when they decided to commit this awful crime. There is nothing to prevent something like that.

Banks and liquor stores get robbed all the time. It doesn't stop me from going into them to conduct business. Last October I was really scared to even walk home from a bus stop. I'm not scared anymore. I'm as diligent as I was before the crime. That's all we can really do.

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