May 26, 2009

That's Nana For You

My grandmother told my sister today that should there be another Great Depression none of her grandchildren would be able to make it. Not me, not my mother, not my sister, not even my cousin out of whose ass the sun shines would survive the trials and tribulations that we could face should there be another Dust Bowl or Black Tuesday. She believes we have no skills for survival. What amazing faith that woman has in her offspring. And people wonder why I harbor such hate for her.

She's allowed to think her grand kids are stupid. That's her prerogative. But why does she feel the need to share such feelings? TO HER GRAND KID? And you know what, we aren't stupid. In fact, we are all very capable. Just because we don't keep chickens (for now) and make clothes out of our belly button lint doesn't mean we would STARVE. She can stick it up her ass.

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