April 28, 2009

Pantsless Two Days Running

I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts casually. I never really did- much to Mother's chagrin. I just wasn't into them when I was a child. I kind of got into them in high school but only in the winter so I could wear them with tights. My biggest problem with skirts is the fact that should I wear them, especially in summer with the potential to sweat so great, I will inevitably create a fire in my crotch with the chafing I experience. Such bad chafing!! Like, need to ice my skin bad. This was a huge problem when I was fat- even when I wore tights because sometimes the crotch of the tights would make everything worse since it somehow always wound up closer to my knees than my vagina, introducing a whole slew of new problems.

Well, since I've kept my weight down and we've had an 80+ degree heat wave in Albany for the past few days I went out on a lark and wore a skirt yesterday. It wasn't that bad. In fact I'd say it was great! So great I wore a dress today. I help keep the skin on skin stickiness down by sitting with my legs wide open under my desk and at home. Mike loves it. Also, the distance between work and home is the perfect distance. Right when I start to get overheated I'm where I need to be and once I'm there, my feet are in the invisible gyno stirrups giving my crotch a breath of fresh air.

This is exciting because it's fun to wear skirts. I feel like I'm putting a little more effort into the way I look and that always makes me feel better about myself. I'm actually a little sad that the temperatures will be back to seasonally appropriate tomorrow and the skirts will have to wait. But now I can buy more skirts for later! And have many more cute ensembles! What girl doesn't like new ensembles? I never knew I could exist so comfortably in a skirt. And let me tell you, 40 fewer pounds really helps with the whole brush fire in my pants, if you catch my drift. And I think you do.

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Tina Winston said...

props to you. i too have issues with chafing, though it's more of an issue that air goes right up a skirt and makes me cold.