February 19, 2009

Origin of My Nom de Plume

Steve Martin could say, "Onions give me the shits" and I would still laugh, flip my hair, bat my eyes and throw myself at him. I think he is so talented. He writes touching and insightful stories about the human condition, incredible social satire, hilarious movies and also happens to be a great banjo player. I admire him deeply for his ability to step back and point out the obscure inanity that is our society. I have all but one of his publications- plays and books. And I'm totally buying his banjo album.

My dad introduced me to Steve Martin's humor when I was a kid. Dad loves The Jerk, Bowfinger and "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" among others. Dad would goof off as one of the "guys" and make me laugh each time. So maybe it's the association I have of my father that makes Steve Martin so special to me. But when I got to college I found out Steve Martin was a published author. Once I started reading his works I was smitten. Then I went and watched everything I could and I grew a boner. (Mike isn't threatened. If anything my attraction to Steve Martin means Mike has it made. I am undeterred by white hair and age. I'm all about what's in the attic- and Mike's attic is pretty sexy.)

I'm not going to deny that Steve Martin has lately chosen projects that haven't turned out all that great. He's making many, not so funny, family comedies which is strange because when actors do that it's because they have kids and want to start making projects that their children can actually see them in. Steve Martin has no children so I wonder if he just likes acting silly. It's not like he needs the paycheck or doesn't have many other artistic projects going on. Hey, it's his prerogative.

Anyway, crap aside I'm putting up some things of his I enjoy. I hope they make you smile.

Hubba hubba. I mean really. Yowza.

But my favorite as of late:

Steve Martin is sublime.

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