February 20, 2009

25 Things About Me

I'm copying Perennially Bellis by stealing this post from my Facebook account for the people who aren't on Facebook (like my dad) so my apologies to those who've already read it. I'm not being lazy- it's either this or I talk about how the only body parts that stayed cold during my 40 minute run this morning were my camel knees. You're welcome.

1. The only reason I tolerate my middle name is because it is in honor of my father's grandmother.
2. My middle name is Frances.
3. I didn't know how to spell my middle name until I was applying to college.
4. I didn't know my social security number until I was applying to college.
5. I think a college education is overrated in today's society.
6. I would be perfectly happy if my children wanted to be tradespeople.
7. I only want two children.
8. I'm scared that my first born will be a boy because I don't know what I would do with him.
9. I'm not looking forward to planning a wedding because I have no money for a wedding.
10. I'm getting married to a man who makes me laugh like no one ever has.
11. I loooove laughing.
12. I laugh at everything. If you told me you ran over my cat I would chuckle before I punched you in the mouth.
13. I have the perfect pet for me. She's neurotic, hungry all the time, emotionally needy, likes massages and has long hair.
14. I'm neurotic, hungry all the time, emotionally needy, like massages and have long hair.
15. I'm worried I will never have a real career let alone the one I want.
16. I want to be an arts administrator. I want to be a part of my community in the capacity that I bring theatre, dance, and art to my neighbors.
17. I think eliminating the art programs from schools is one of the greatest mistakes a society can make.
18.When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, ballerina, actor, lawyer, doctor, and engineer. All in that order.
19. When I was younger I was Catholic. I was even an alter server.
20. I was so Catholic one day I started crying about why people would kill Jesus. It was totally unprovoked. What did he ever do?
21. I moved my sister into my room when I was nine and she was four because I was convinced she would crawl under the bed or into the closet during a fire and die. When I realized her sharing my room entailed leaving the hall door open AND having a lamp on because she was scared of the dark I kicked her out.
22. My mom tells me I'm her best friend. I cannot reciprocate.
23. I worry that I wasted my potential.
24. I can't eat meat unless I can see it and even then there can be no fat or gristle. I will gag. Therefore I've never eaten a chicken wing.
25. I'm a hermit.

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