February 11, 2009

Just Not Meant to Be I Guess

This past summer Aimee Mann had a free concert at the park one block from my apartment. As I am a huge fan of hers I went to see it and sang along with everything. As I am a truly ginormous fan of hers Mike and I stayed behind to meet her. After much waiting and almost leaving she finally came out of her bus to meet the hand full of devoted followers. Everyone had something to sign, I just wanted a picture. Since I don't handle celebrity well ("Oh my God! I love everything that you do!") I simply told her that she was robbed of her Oscar and asked for a photo. Our digital camera decided it wanted to be a shit and not work in the dark. This is what I got:
You can tell it's me and you can tell it's Aimee Mann but it's still a bummer. At least she was really nice and took two pictures with me and my busted camera.

Last night Mike and I went to see my favorite columnist Dan Savage. It was at the SUNY Albany campus and we were able to sit very close to him. He was funny and answered tons of questions. He was fabulous. Naturally I wanted him to sign my book and get a photo with him. He was very nice and answered a quick question of mine and then it was time for my picture! Mike wanted to stay back and avoid the bottleneck crowd so I asked the person behind me if she wouldn't mind taking my picture with my cell phone since my camera shit the bed. This is what I got:

I suppose I'm just never going to have any real evidence of meeting famous people I admire. Le sigh. At least I have the stories!


Tina Winston said...

I think this constitutes legitimate proof. It's nice that they were cool about having their pictures taken. Some stars won't do that. Rock on!

Carrie said...

You really have the most hilarious experiences... and those photos are kinda artsy... : )

dad said...

The combo of the fuzzy pictures and the stories works just fine. You're young, I'm betting a better camera is in your future.

lauren said...

this is hysterical. only you, K. see you soon!

The Bootleg Saint said...

I've had similar experiences. Took a gf to a Ryan Adams concert. We both got to meet him, get a album sleeve signed and get a picture with him. He lazily signed my sleeve I have him and his eyes turned out to be half closed in the picture with me. My gf's both came out great, and she wasn't even a fan!
Then, when I met Missy Higgins last year in Troy, my pen wouldn't work! but luckily I got a decent picture with her.