February 5, 2009

I Did Not Shake My Money Maker

Whenever I swim for my morning workout I shower for the day at the Y right afterwards. I figured I'm already wet and I need to get the chlorine out of my hair as soon as possible to prevent damage. I'm usually alone in the upstairs locker room but I still shower in the stall because I don't want to give a show for free. I don't want my regulars to get jealous.

Well today I was not alone. In fact, you could say I showered with someone. The said someone took my shower stall and DIDN'T EVEN CLOSE THE CURTAIN! She's in the only stall that has hot water and I'm out in the open. The wide-communal-shower open. Blerg. So we're showering and she DOESN'T TAKE OFF HER SWIMSUIT! At this point I'm like, forget this- I have got to shower! We're adults right? She can handle the blinding white of my ass. Right? I keep my suit on while I wash my hair and face as a courtesy but the suit had to come off sometime. And I reached that time. And there we were. I'm trying to clean my shit and get out of there when I realize she's searching each soap dispenser for soap! She had to check each dispenser, including the one next to my boob before she found any. Awkward? You betcha.

I hightail it out of there to put on some clothes and she stays in the shower for another five minutes. In the open stall. With her swimsuit on. With no one else around her. Whatever. I should've expected such ass-hattery because she didn't shower before she got into the pool. She walked right by me and the sign that said "SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL" and she didn't blink an eye. Oh.... maybe doesn't have any eyes... Nope. Just a jerk. A jerk who got a free show.


Anonymous said...

pffft. That stuff times 5 is the daily occurrence in the dudes locker room there; old guys are creeply and love the naked.

dad said...

I see I need to pay more attention to communal pool etiquette!