February 26, 2009

It Has Begun!

I signed up for the Pine Bush Triathlon last night! I want to sign up for the Crystal Lake Triathlon as soon as possible- just need to make sure no one is getting married that weekend. If it's a local wedding I'll do the race anyway. I could use a workout like that a day I'm going to drink myself stupid. There's a third race in September I have my sights on but it's an Olympic distance. I don't know if I'm ready for that. I'm a little nervous about a longer swim, not nervous at all about the bike since it's only six miles longer than Crystal Lake, but I'm very nervous about doing all that and then running a 10k. The longest I've ever run is 5 miles and that was after sitting on my touches all day. I'll get myself started on my training program and see how I feel in July. Then I'll make a decision (I just hope the race doesn't fill up!)

It's strange how excited I am about the races only because I have done SO LITTLE to keep myself in triathlon shape over the winter. I've been swimming and running here and there but I haven't been getting up early and I haven't been on a bike since November. I've softened up. Sigh. I weigh within five pounds of my weight from last year's Pine Bush Race and that's not bad considering but I'm puffy and lazy.

I was up with plenty of time this morning for a workout but I couldn't get myself motivated to get outside. Mike hypothesized that I may have slight seasonal affectiveness disorder. I'm not depressed but I sleep a lot. I mean A LOT! And I can't get motivated when it's dark and damp outside. On weekends I run outside because I wait for it to warm up and then I have a great run. So it's not like I don't enjoy my workouts. Quite the contrary, I love my workouts. It's just the motivation I lack.

Now I have my first deadline set. I'm going to try the training schedule that came in my book Your First Triathlon. My friend Pamela set me up with a fantastic training schedule for a first timer last year and I may ask her for one again. It was attainable and totally prepared me for my first race. However, the schedule in my book is tougher- I believe it includes weight training- and I think it might be the kick in my pants I need. Hoo-wah!

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