February 12, 2009

The Blood of This Babe? I Don't Think So

My uniform of choice is a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. Lately I've been branching out to other shoes like slip-ons. I know, what a stretch. But I've also been buying some nice business shoes here and there should I ever have a job that requires a nicer wardrobe. Luckily you can still wear most of those shoes with jeans so win-win, right? Well, not so much. I need to wear socks since my feet sweat more than I'd like to admit and most shoes that are business appropriate require hosiery or bare feet. (Anyone I know who insists sweating feet is strange has mutant feet [you know who you are.]) I usually opt for bare feet otherwise the shoes won't fit right. Hence, mostly the sneakers- they bypass all these problems.

The other day I decided to wear a really comfortable pair of business flats that look good with jeans while I walked around the mall. Look at me- all fashionable and crap. They fit my feet like a glove, a lovely leather glove, except in the heels. I expect blisters and other discomfort whenever I go sockless because my feet are soft and fragile and not used to such abuse. What I don't expect, however, is blood. A lot of blood. Here I am walking around the mall ignoring the usual pain until I go try on some pants. In taking off the sausage casing that are the slim jeans I tried on, I look down to my heel and see that I'm bleeding all over myself. I look into my corresponding shoe and there is blood all along the back of the shoe! I'm horrified not only for my body but because I tried on a pair of slip-ons before I knew I was bleeding everywhere and now I had to buy them because I got my DNA all over them. How could I leave them for some unsuspecting hypochondriac to buy them? I wouldn't be alright with myself or with Karma. I can't afford to lose another side mirror.

I brought sneakers and socks with me in case the pain was too much but before I could get to my sneakers in the car I bought a cheap pair of Vans and put those puppies on in the middle of the mall. My feet are still killing me a few days later and I was able to get most of the blood out of all the shoes involved in the blood spree. I keep telling myself that if I go sockless more often my feet will toughen up and this won't be such a problem but I just don't think this is worth it. If I keep it up I'll be one pair of kitten heels away from anemia. No thank you.


Tina Winston said...

That happens to me, too. You should try Peds. They're mini socks made of nylon that are paper thin, and perfect for flats because they don't show (keeping the cute, fashionable bare foot look), and they allow the shoe to glide smoothly against the nylon, instead of taking the skin off the back of your heel. And they breathe, so sweating is not a problem. But, just in case, I always carry a few Bandaids. Hope your feets are better soon! :)

tcd said...

These weren't the black flats were they? You have some wonky feet lady.

-Sockless in PA