January 6, 2009

Like a Kitty Flu Ward Over Here

This is the best picture I could find in a "sick cat" image search. It's lame but makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Fluffy was hilarious this morning with her ginormous kitty sneezes. Her face would scrunch up and she would spaz her head about until she let them out. Ugh. She either has a cold or got something up her nose in all her investigative sniffing over the past two days. Or Cricket gave her an STD that makes you sneeze. Or she's snorting crack in the den again. I tell her to leave the crack alone or give me money but she never listens. Stupid addicts and their inability to pay up. I tell you- never trust a crackhead.

But I digress. She's been sneezing these huge sneezes for the past day. She's sneezed before but not in this frequency. I'm only a little alarmed because the hilariousness of her little kitty sneezes are distracting me. If the sneezes weren't so funny I would be concerned that something is lodged in her schnoz. That makes the most sense since the fireplace is pretty dusty and old. If she's still sneezy when I get home I'll call the vet. Since she stopped searching around the fireplace yesterday it could be a cold she got from Nature. Nature's a bitch like that. But until then I'm going to laugh at the crackhead's discomfort and demand my money. I'm going to need it since this will probably involve a vet visit.

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