January 5, 2009

Hungry Like the Wolf

Yesterday the cat started meowing and pawing at the fireplace. Though Mike nor I could hear anything at first, I knew that meant something living had made its way down the chimney and found itself in our sealed section of it. Our fireplace is sealed where the smoke goes so I'm not concerned about whatever it is getting into our home but it still creeps me out that something is in there. Mike heard what he described as flapping later in the afternoon but I still haven't heard anything. *Shudder*

Fluffy has ignored my affections for two days because of whatever is in there. I bet it's eating her up inside that she can't get into the chimney and catch something worth catching. Nah nah. Hunting flies isn't very rewarding for her. Or so I've deduced- it's not like she told me. I tried to put my ear up to the fireplace to listen but all I did was sprain my neck. So who knows what's in there.

I hope that whatever it is gets out because I can't handle it either dying in there and stinking or finding some sort of way out and into our home. I'm sure the cat would love chasing whatever it is but I would crap my pants, change them and then get a rabies shot. I don't care if it's as cute as Jiminy Cricket, I'm positive it has some sort of communicable disease. Besides, I hear Cricket's something of a whore. And all whores have VD.

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