December 5, 2008

All The Things We Can Do

Winter is a truly lovely season. It's horribly underrated. People hate it so much because of the snow and cold and the early sunsets. Those are the very reasons I like it. Besides, could you enjoy summer as much if you didn't have winter? I admit I don't particularly enjoy the darkness before I've even left the office but ultimately it makes the world slow down. I can come home and take time to take care of stuff that I otherwise wouldn't or actually hang out with my cat. But I think my favorite thing about winter is the sunsets.

There is something so pure about a winter sunset. You can almost see the chill in the air when the sun goes down. There aren't many clouds in a winter sky or leaves blocking the view. The naked branches frame the remains of the day and creates a sort of tableau. The pinks of a sunset are softer, the blues powdery-er, and the remaining clouds whispery-er. I just wish they weren't so early in the day. I miss the sunsets from my desk. That bums me out more than walking home in the dark.

It's been really hard to not let the lack of daylight keep me from working out. The most I've worked out in the past three weeks were the Turkey Trot and a run the next day. I can't seem to get out of the warmth of the sheets when my nose is so cold. I prefer to stay in bed and watch the sun rise. The winter mornings tend to be more vibrant than the sunsets. At least the ones I've been awake enough to notice. I'm allowing my body the brief hibernation. I've been eating less which is usually not the case for the winter (and great!), but I've also been working out less. If I can work-out and keep eating the way I do, I'll be all set for the triathlon season starting in May.

Winter sports are the best. I haven't been sledding in years and it's probably my favorite sport. I want to acquire some snow shoes so Mike and I can go on nature walks. I don't want to cross-country ski just yet. I think I'll try that next year. It's an incredibly expensive winter sport with all the equipment to rent. I'd rather rent some snow shoes or even buy them. I think they'd be a great investment. I don't plan on leaving the Northeast any time soon. They'll get a good use. I'll make sure of it- they are a great workout.

Part of the reason I love fall so much is because it means winter is right there. Yes, winter is always more enjoyable before the holidays. There's a sparkly, magical quality to the snow. It's always fresh and crisp before Christmas. After the New Year, snow turns into a nuisance and gets grimy fast. That's when winter loses some of its appeal to me, but not by much. Spring is always welcome, but only if I feel like I got a decent winter. I haven't the last few years. I'm ready for a good one. I have my shoe grips to go running, or workout DVDs for storms and a jacket that is designed for running in the cold. And I'm looking forward to more reading and feeling warm and cozy with Mike. So, bring it.

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