November 3, 2008

Want to Know What Mike and I Will Be Doing at Dawn Tomorrow?

I bet you do pervert. No, we're not going to be doing hot, naked yoga. We're going to be VOTING!!!!!

Our polls open at 6am sharp- it better be sharp. We always walk to our polls but Mike and I will probably drive down so he can head right off to work and drop me off at the gym on the way. I'm going swimming tomorrow for a long time to burn off all my nervous energy. I just hope I don't eat a bunch of crap out of nerves, too. There's going to be a lot of election candy at my place of work tomorrow and there have been threats of dark chocolate. If dark chocolate wasn't full of antioxidants I would say it would be the death of me.

I just can't take it any more! I've warned a few friends that I will call them crying tomorrow no matter what the outcome. Yeah, yeah I'm dramatic. But all the energy that Mike and I have put into staying informed and being supporters needs to go somewhere. I don't know what Mike will do with his energy but I'm going to cry. A friend of mine finds it strange that I know I will cry on a certain day and time. But that's just how I roll. Besides, I'm going to engage in a little drinking game to make it go funner (?).

Election 2008 Drinking Game Hoopla

-Take a shot of beer when a state gets called for either candidate
-Do an Irish Car Bomb if Obama wins Virginia
-Do a shot of liquor if Obama wins either Ohio or Florida

I ended it there because if either of those last two are true then I will be shit-faced by the end of the election. And if neither of those happen then I will surely drink indiscriminately after 10pm when those returns are in. So, it's not the best drinking game but I've never made one up before so what do you expect?

Happy voting tomorrow fellow Americans no matter who you vote for! Go VOTE!

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The Common Daisy said...

Umm, yeah, so I'm a crier too. There are just certain times you build up SO much emotion (good or bad) and it eventually has to go somewhere and for me it's usually tears. I'm glad that I am not the only one.