October 31, 2008


Mike and I watched Obama's infomercial with his mother down in Red Hook on Wednesday. The short of it is I liked it and was quite moved at the end. I wasn't surprised that he profiled people in battleground states or people of various ethnic backgrounds. That is just smart. But the smartest thing he did in that television spot was not once mention John McCain. He didn't even mention "his opponent." All he said was what the problems are in America, in case we lived in a cave!, and how he plans to fix them. He talked about where he came from and how his family faced the very same trials and tribulations the rest of America faced. He showed us how he can relate to us. I'm sure you all watched it so I'm telling you things you already know.

I've been more active in his campaign than any other candidate's. I am so invested I even put a bumper sticker on my car! Not a car magnet- a bumper sticker. That is commitment. Seriously though, I believe in him. I've already said it but I am inspired by him. For once here is someone who isn't trying to get elected by scaring people to vote for him. He's encouraging people to vote for him and it's amazing how he is reaching out to people. I'm bummed I live in New York only because he doesn't really need to campaign here. I would love to see him speak in person. He moves me to tears whenever I see him on television. I'm sure he'd make me a puddle if I heard him in person.

I understand that he may not deliver what he's promising. I understand that he's still just a man and a politician. And how much can the president really take credit for? Mike told me that the president really just sets the tone of government. Obama has a tone that Americans haven't seen in a long time. I know that there is more than the tone, though. There will be appointments to the Supreme Court in the next four years and we have some shit to clean up so our next president will face some defining moments early but I am totally confident Obama will make the right choice should they be his to make.

At the end of his infomercial he asked people to stand by him and make calls for him, to knock on doors for him and on election day, to vote for him. I will stand with him. I believe in Barack Obama with all my heart.

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dad said...

Solid! Solid as Barack... (see great SNL skit, even if they were off-key). Almost makes you want more elections so SNL can clobber candidates...OK, maybe not. Go democracy!