November 22, 2008

Things I Don't Do When I'm Depressed

Get up early
Eat much
Smile often
Talk to people who don't sit next to me at work
Clean the apartment
Make the bed
Watch anything mindless on TV
Think clearly
Balance my checkbook
Watch my spending
Walk to work
Pet the cat
Think creatively
Be around other people

How ironic is it that most of those things are exactly what one needs to do in order to not be depressed anymore? If you ask me, very. Luckily I had a date last night that was set up a few weeks ago. It helped. But now I'm on my way for a (probably very awkward) family get together. That may or may not help. We'll see how that goes.

1 comment:

dad said...

Dearest one, please read and heed:
1. Be cool.
2. Don't expect too much.
3. Make it a point to completely forgive the first perceived slight, maybe even the second if there is one.
4. Enjoy what you can, ignore what you can't; and remember, you don't get endless opportunities in life to commune with family.
That's a great list by the way, I think you've found the secret of happiness!
P.S. Speaking of mindless TV mind candy, all is not lost. There's a Mork and Mindy marathon on Friday, Sci Fi channel.