November 30, 2008

My Mother's Theme Song as of Lately

I think Beyonce is killer. Or in her words, I think she's fierce. Beyonce has killer pipes, killer moves, and killer gams. She can act okay, too. I love that she's a real woman in a career path that usually requires starvation. In fairness, she starved herself for her part in Dreamgirls, but in her daily being Beyonce she is healthy and curvaceous. I could watch her shake her ass for hours. It jiggles in all the right ways. That woman's got talent! She just needs to stop letting her mom dress her.

I don't own any of her albums or any Destiny's Child albums. I just enjoyed the singles for the infectious, danceable, disposable pop music that the songs were. But every now and then she puts out a single that I must have, must sing along to, and must learn her choreography to. This go round it's Put a Ring On It. There are a few videos posted on the Internet of men dancing her routine for this song and I'm not going to post my interpretation for the Internets to see me shake my ass (an ass that doesn't compare to Ms. Sasha Fierce's.) Instead, I'm going to post her video for the song and let it get into your head. Love it, learn it, lose yourself in it. Word.

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