November 13, 2008

Maybe the Buck Teeth Were Neccesary

In an effort to propel the last six pounds off my person I replaced chips in my lunches with baby carrots. I was surprised I didn't think of it sooner until I remembered how much I love the combination of a peanut butter sandwich with crunchy chips. Whenever I try to snack on carrots instead of chips I feel unsatisfied. But that was with carrots on their own. I figured in a meal, carrots are close enough to eating chips because I can eat them with my fingers and they crunch. Since I've replaced the chips with carrots two weeks ago I've found I don't really miss the chips. I'm really surprised at myself! My theory of the crunchy finger food was correct. I would even dare say that the carrots are better because they are more filling- I get the sensation of satiety much sooner with carrots than with chips.

It's really nice not having chips in the apartment too. Chips are one of those foods that are hard to ignore when they're in your cupboard. I would buy one small bag to go into my lunches, telepathically forbidding Mike from eating them, but inevitably Mike would buy some new and interesting salsa and the chips would be gone. I read all the time it helps to not eat chips out of the bag- you forget how many you've eaten. I could easily eat a whole bag in one sitting if I didn't get myself one serving. That's why I ate almost whole bags at a time- I never bothered taking out one serving. Now, since I don't put chips in my lunch we just don't buy them. These days I snack on popcorn and telepathically forbid Mike from eating the carrots. Lucky for me, carrots aren't a food that goes well with salsa.

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dad said...

Carrots rock because they have that crunch factor that makes them more like chips. Better than rice cakes, too. You go girl!