November 12, 2008

Today I'm Going to Let Her Entertain You

Someone said to me recently that my posts are cheesy. Well get some crackers, dude, because today is more "cheese." I like what I'm writing (I hope I'm not the only one...) so whatever.

I was listening to Steve on the bus yesterday and another Madonna song came on. I started thinking about how her music is so great to dance and to workout to. I love it! But I only like her upbeat stuff because her ballads aren't so great. Come on, she's not a singer, she's a performer. The only slow song I really like of hers is "Rain" because of the drum synthesizers drowning out her false vibrato. I have to give her some credit though- she's obviously put a lot of time into improving her voice over the years. That's a relief when you listen to her older stuff.

If I don't like something of hers immediately, if I listen to it more, it grows on me. Like her song "Four Minutes." I didn't like it right away but I couldn't escape it and now I find myself bopping along with it in spite of myself. That is the power of her mad beats. Her lyrics, not so powerful. Don't listen too closely, they could ruin the song for you. (Full disclosure, I'm sick of "Like a Prayer" because of the way girls writhe on the floor whenever it comes on.)

It doesn't even bother me that she's as old as my mother and sometimes she tries too hard to stay relevant. I think she just needs to keep making catchy pop music and she'll always have a place in today's music. Her fans are rabid and aren't going anywhere. I think they'd follow her to some dark places. Heck, you could argue that they already have. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about her musical contribution to dance clubs and my perfect dance mixes. Here are some of my favorite songs/videos in her catalogue. I hope you enjoy. I know I will.

"Don't Tell Me," Music, 2000.

It's not the most upbeat, but who doesn't like cowboys dancing so provocatively?

"Hung Up," Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005

This song is so catchy and its beat so infectious! I will never look this good in a leotard. Ever.

"Into the Groove," You Can Dance, 1985

This reminds us of her first attempt at acting. She should've stopped there.

"Burning Up," Madonna, 1983

This was only her second single.

"Deeper and Deeper," Erotica, 1992

I think Sofia Coppola is one of her groupies in this...

"Nothing Really Matters," Ray of Light, 1999

Apparently this had a Geisha theme because she wanted to be cast in Memiors of a Geisha. Yeah, that would've worked...

There are many more, but they are either pointless because we all know it ("Vogue") or because you've seen enough (this entire post.) If you've even made it this far thanks for indulging me.

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dad said...

Well I made it through! Good choices, I like Madge too (think that nick name bothers her? It would me.) but a lot of her stuff was just "pushed out" if you ask me. My favorite is "Angel." And even if overdone, I definitely would have included Vogue. Thank you for not putting the "Like A..." songs in the mix--yuck.