November 24, 2008


I hate flying. I've flown a lot since my father's moved us overseas or far away enough from family that flying is most effective. And I know that flying is safer than driving and that I have a better chance of being struck by lightening than dying in a plane crash but I just can't help but be a little anxious. Not having any semblance of control really makes me nervous.

I'm getting much more relaxed about it. I just know to seat myself over a wing and I'll have the smoothest flight. There's just a little bumping and hopping when I'm on the wing so I don't care as much. I used to have terrible ear aches and motion sickness but I figured out to just look straight ahead during take-off and landing and during maneuvers. Once I was in a plane toilet during circling and I ended up with the worst motion sickness. All because I was facing the side of the plane in the loo. Never again.

Airports are awesome, though. People watching is great and I like the solitude of airports. People rush around a lot, yeah, but for the most part, airports are just people waiting. Waiting to go home to a familiar bed, waiting to leave for a vacation, waiting to go meet their grand baby for the first time, waiting to see their boyfriend for the first time in three weeks. The anticipation is always so interesting to watch and get caught in the energy. But I usually have my face in a book. I take the opportunity to get absorbed into a book without distractions. It's really nice. Times like that I would love to fly more often. Wobbling plane or no wobbling plane.

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