October 2, 2008

How Does Putin Take His Tea, Sarah?

I have to admit- I didn't watch the first presidential debate. I think I was working. But I will totally watch the next two. I'm going to make a very simple drinking game out of it- whenever McCain mentions being a POW I'll drink and every time Obama flashes those pearly whites I'll throw one back. He has such nice teeth. You know who else has nice teeth? Joe Biden. Man, he has a nice smile. I would like to make him smile anytime...

So as you can tell I watched the VP debates. All I can really say about it is summed up like this: Biden talked policy, Palin talked passion. I say that about her because I've never had to focus so hard on what someone was saying. It is harder than understanding Shakespeare! And that dude was wordy. She is a passionate lady- I don't know if I would go so far as to say a maverick. What's so maverick about her? If anything she's just a higher profile "normal" American. And that's why she's dangerous. She knows she's on the ticket because she appeals to who Republicans' think are the only "real" Americans- middle class, middle of the country, blue collar, hasn't been outside the country (Canada and a resort in Mexico doesn't count), and feels isolated by Washington. That's why she looked into the camera the whole time- so those people could feel like she's talking right to them. I don't know about those folks, but I like my politicians to know more about the world than I do. Like Joe Biden. Hi Joe. How're those chompers?

Joe Biden actually answered the moderator's questions before going off on rhetoric and if he felt he didn't answer, he went back to make sure he did. There were times where she didn't answer the question but just started yapping. Or in her word, "Yappin'." Biden seemed restrained. I can't blame him because he had a tightrope to walk. He needed to attack her but he can't be condescending or perceived as a bully. I think he could've taken more shots at her. Not personal shots but just been a little sharper on her. Not once did I think he was talking down to her. He talked to her like an equal but he was wearing kid gloves. Put on some real gloves, Joe!

This election makes me nervous. This race shouldn't be so much of a competition. It's good to see McCain pulled his campaign out of Michigan because that means he lost a swing state. It seems he's realizing his weak spots. He just needs to realize his biggest weak spot is the inability to bring change. Picking a woman running mate isn't the change this country needs! What is the matter with this place? Thank God I live in New York. It's full of bleeding hearts. Hey Joe, want to come visit Albany? It's so pretty up here and I've got some great jokes to tell you...

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