September 30, 2008

Robinson Rams Go!!

Thanks to the marvels of Facebook I found some old friends from high school and it turns out one of them lives literally down the street from me. My address is 762 and his is 439 or something. How neat!! We've hung out a few times and Mike met him yesterday. It's really nice to have people from my past in my life again. The oldest friend I have right now is from the 10th grade and I haven't seen her in years. There's an awesome tale about how I got the date for her wedding wrong by a week but that's another story for another day. The point is I don't seem to retain friends very well so it's really refreshing to have this "new" old friend around.

I didn't move as much as many other military brats did but I moved enough and at the perfect awkward phases of my life to make it difficult to maintain long distance friendships for a good period of time. Mike is friends with people from way back in 8th grade and it's sort of alien to me that they are still friends. I wonder how they didn't grow out or away from each other. But somehow they are still really great friends. I'm not so lucky. I don't know if it's something I did or if it's the nature of being a military kid but either way it's strange to feel so disconnected to my past. It's not like I dropped out of nowhere. I just seem to have no one to vouch for the younger Katherine.

Now it seems I have some people who can. And that feels really nice. It's even nicer that we don't talk about high school that much at all. We get along great for ten years of absence. This brief reunion has left me really excited for my ten year reunion which is in less than a year. I can remember who I was and trace how I became who I am. I'm not about reliving my high school successes- I'll leave that to my mother- but I am about reconnecting with great people who have nothing but fond memories attached to them. I really can't wait.

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