September 19, 2008

Leave a Little Mystery

I don't know if it's self confidence or self delusion that empowers young women to wear leggings in lieu of pants. If it's self confidence, hand it over. If it's self delusion I have enough of that, thanks.

It seems there are two instances in which the leggings are worn 1) Out. 2) Lounging. I don't understand how the two are interchangeable. You have nice jeans and lounging jeans. You have nice dresses and lounging dresses. But the same pair of leggings suffice in a number of instances. And you can wear them with t-shirts or dresses. What versatile spandex!

Can you wear underwear with them? Are they designed to be un-underweared? I pull at my underwear enough when people can't see the outline. Imagine if you could see my ass dimples? I just don't know. What I do know is I don't ever want to be wearing them while I'm drunk and trying to pee. Who knows what will happen. I could successfully pull them down low enough to not pee on them but how well I will pull them back up? I could end up with a crotch between my knees or a crotch in my navel. ... Forget confidence or delusion. It's stupidity.

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