September 8, 2008

I Loves Me Kitty

I don't think you may have picked up on how much I love obsess over my cat Fluffy. She is indeed very fluffy so her name is appropriate but I did not pick her name. The people who had her before my mother named her. Whenever Mike and I hear a commercial for cat food and they refer to how the generic "Fluffy" will love their product I think, "Oh how nice that they thought of my kitty when designing their product." I know they didn't but still- how thoughtful.

I sort of stumbled into my companionship with Fluffy. My mother makes friends everywhere she goes and this one story brings us to her hobby of garage sale-ing. She made quick friends with some people after she bought a mattress from them. I had been bugging her to get a cat for when she became an empty-nester and it turns out these folks needed to get rid of one of their FIVE cats before moving to Hawaii. How convenient! I say it was Fate. She got an IKEA mattress and a cat for a song. Sadly, a year later my mother developed terrible allergies to Fluffy. Not sadly, when I moved to Albany I planned on getting a kitty and I took Fluffy with me. Together we became Albanians.

I was unemployed for two months when I got here and when not going mad looking for a job I sat on my ass, gained twenty pounds and felt very alone. Fluffy was having none of that. We became best friends. It helped that I was the one who fed her and she just so happens to love food. But still, she always curled up with me on the couch and in bed. She let me pet her all I wanted. We were inseparable. We still kind of are. I miss her when I go on vacation and she misses me whenever I leave the apartment. Turns out she meows at the door for something like ten minutes whenever I leave. It doesn't matter that Mike is there to keep her company. I'm her buddy.

Being very fluffy there is a lot of maintenance. I'm sure her hair is enough to add two pounds to her. She won't let me comb her hair and instead she pulls chunks of hair out all the freaking time and leaves them all over the carpet. Thanks you little poop. Well, this summer I had it with the fur. We were leaving for a long vacation and I wanted to turn the air conditioners up to save money. I figured she was looking mangy and I didn't want her to be hot so I decided (along with the generosity of my mother) to get her hair cut again. She looks like a lion crossed with Puss'n'boots. Super bitchin'.

Mike hates her haircut but boy, I love it. He has a few valid points- it's expensive and she doesn't look like herself. I know, I know. But man, is she cute. Besides, when her hair is short she seems happier, spunkier, and much more likely to cuddle with me in the summer. My little buddy.


dad said...

I always wondered what the full fluffy story was, now i know!

tcd said...

Did you know that cat's milk is 10% protein while cow's milk is 3% protein? That's what my nifty calendar tells me.