August 5, 2008

My International Hero

Mike and I ran in a 3.5 mile trail race on Sunday. Mike kicked ass! He ran the whole thing, puddles and all, in 33 minutes! I am so proud of that guy. I ran, if you could call it that, it in 43 minutes. Ahem, 43 minutes! You know, I'm happy with that time. I'd never run in the woods before, even when I lived in the woods. The woods kicked my ass. My stomach felt like a rock the whole time (I think that's because I'm having digestive issues. Or shall I say, no issues...) but it was beautiful weather, we ran in Thatcher Park- my favorite around here, and there was a BBQ included in the registration!

After my victory lap, Mike washed off his shoes while I picked up our chickens. We then went to The Overlook and ate our fabulous bounty overlooking the Upper Hudson Valley. It was sunny with passing clouds (thanks Martin Seese) and there was a beautiful breeze. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. I can't wait to do the whole thing again next year.

But as great as we did, neither me nor Mike is my international hero. This guy is:

*Le sigh.*

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dad said...

I am suitably impressed, embedded object and all. I was not sure it was J-CVD until he did his signature "split." Anywho, it was nice to here about a great outing that will certainly be a keeper memory. Wish I was there to see it too!