March 26, 2013

The Post Where I Yell a Lot

My Team in Training Marathon got derailed due to injury. I didn't post about it because I was pretty upset. I had a goal that was to help others and help get me through the end of the shitty year that was 2012. I raised half of the $3800 goal and athe money I raised still went to Team in Training and it wasn't a total bust. So that's good. In the meantime I haven't been running since September. For those of you keeping track it's now the END OF MARCH. I've missed running and the fresh air it forces me to gulp down but I couldn't risk greater injury and permanent damage. At least I missed running in the Winter and not the wonderful running seasons of Autumn and Spring. BUT STILL!

So what happened? My physical therapist discovered that I strained the muscle that lifts the leg, the equivalent of the cow's tenderloin muscle. Then with more work we found out that a big butt muscle (a literal pain in my ass) tightened up to the point that it caused my other muscles to over-compensate and it didn't manifest until my front-hip made it impossible for me to run or walk without searing pain. After THREE MONTHS of mother-loving therapy (MERRY CHRISTMAS BANK ACCOUNT) I got the go-ahead to start light workouts with some serious stretching pre and post workouts.

Here I am. Seven months later and back at my heaviest weight since I started Weight Watchers eight (EIGHT!!!!) years ago. During therapy I tried swimming, Pilates and yoga. Those were the least impact and I still had some pain. So all I could do was therapy. When I had the okay I started doing some elliptical training. Boring. I started walking on the treadmill. BOOOORING. I saw some posters around my gym offering a P90X class. INTERESTING. I've had my eye on the DVDs for years but I knew it was too much money for me to spend on new coasters. Also, I don't have anyone pushing me or making sure my form is correct. Here was the solution to all those quandaries. A CLASS!!! I thought about it for a week, took the first intro class and signed up!

I know what you're thinking, "Katherine, you CRAZY." Yes. Yes I am. But not this time. The workouts are varied so there isn't repetitive movement and so far NO INJURY. This is great. I get nutrition information, I get someone telling me to squat deeper, my pants are looser in two weeks! WHAT? THIS IS AMAZING. There couldn't have been better timing. I mean, I miss chocolate and beer but there's an end date and I have a goal. This will make me stronger, faster and more energetic. I don't expect to become Superwoman, but I will be the most SUPER KATHERINE that ever existed. Wish me luck!

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Ryan W. said...

This is awesome. P90x is intense. I know you'll meet your training goals!