June 16, 2012

Naan Is Perfect

I love food. Like, love food. I wouldn't call myself a foodie because I'm not that gastronomically adventurous. I have a thing about eating meat I can't see, like chicken fingers or restaurant made chicken salad, or meat off of bones, like wings. It's the gristle. Once my mouth detects an unpleasant texture I begin gagging like woah. I just can't do it. Gristle ruins the whole meal for me. My appetite goes down the drain no matter how ravenous I was at the beginning of the meal. That qualification aside, I really do love food.

My favorite cuisine must be Mexican. I somehow ate a lot of Mexican food when I lived in Upper Michigan. (Okay, there's a legit reason- my dad worked with a really nice Mexican-American fellow on the Air Force base who opened a restaurant off the base. That food was some of the freshest, tastiest Mexican food I've ever had. Even when I lived in California.) So, I've been obsessed with it since I was eight years old. Mostly obsessed with tacos, burritos and other "Mexican" food but I've since been branching out at a lot of local Mexican restaurants. A few weeks ago I had a great sausage soup that was super spicy but tasty. And I'm even going for meat dishes!

Indian is my second favorite. I love the variety of safe-for-Katherine vegetarian dishes. There's just so many from which to choose! I didn't have Indian food until after college. My family never tried it and there wasn't much to choose from until a small place opened up in my college town. My friend who lived in New York City (of course) was like, this is great! We have to get you to try it. And now, I get it when I like to treat myself. It is healthier than Mexican but not cheaper than Mexican.

Then there's my obsession with muffins, cookies and cupcakes. There's too much to say about all that. Let's just say I have no idea why I'm not 300 pounds.

With all that pointlessness about me out of the way, I'm off to get my Indian cuisine for dinner. I hope I get at least three meals out of it. Marvelous.

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dad said...

I have sure missed that Mexican Restaurant in Michigan.