June 24, 2012

Eh Nothing Got Stained

The other morning I decided to make myself a diner breakfast. I cooked up sausage, fried up an egg, toasted some rye bread, and threw in some raspberries for color. While I was in the kitchen I turned to grab something from my dish rack but inadvertently knocked off one of my favorite handmade colanders. This colander has been broken three times and put back together three times. I didn't want it to break AGAIN so I tried to keep it from falling. (I know I know. "Buy a new one already." No. This just needs a little.. more glue. Mmkay?) Well it fell and broke again. Sadly I put it aside to finish cooking my breakfast.

I put on the morning weather and was eating my yummo breakfast when I looked into my left palm. It was covered with red. I didn't remember smushing any raspberries in my hand and my hand didn't smell of fruit so it occurred to me it could've been blood. But since I wasn't sure I licked my hand to taste it and discern. It was undoubtedly blood. I immediately jumped up and checked myself for cuts or blood anywhere else on my person. When I didn't see anything I checked the cat. Nothing there either. So I looked more closely on my palm and saw a tiny cut. When I tried to catch the colander I must've pierced myself without noticing. Man, that was a lot of blood for a tiny cut.

So. I washed myself up and ate the raspberries. They weren't even that good. While my hand has healed I still need to fix the colander. Or just suck it up and buy a new one... Nah. Just bought more glue. Why let it go to waste? I love a good fixer-upper project.

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dad said...

Ceramic colander? That's a new one on me. Glad the cut was little!