January 27, 2011

True Story

Mike and I went to the Y a week or so ago on a Sunday. I swam and Mike did other stuff. Whenever I swim I take into account the post-workout shower and just get ready for the day. So I was getting ready when two women, one literally blind and one figuratively, started banging on the wrong door to get into the pool. I went to help them and when I returned a dude was standing near my locker with one leg out of his pants. We looked at each other while he balanced on one foot and I said, "This is the girl's locker room." He replied, "Too late, pants are off." He put his shorts on and promptly headed out of the locker room.

Thankfully I was totally dressed. Thankfully those two old biddies were gone. Thankfully we both seem to have a good sense of humor. Most thankfully he kept his boxers on the whole time. I kinda felt bad for the guy. He was totally alone until I turned the corner, just getting ready to play some basketball. I even thought to myself, was I in the wrong locker room this whole time? I was not. But he was. And man, oh man. That could've been so much worse. But that much funnier.


Tina Winston said...

Was he an older guy? Cuz Ryan tells me the difference between old guys in locker rooms and young guys in locker rooms is quite noticeable. Wink wink, nudge nudge, knowwhatimean.

belleshpgrl said...

Haha. He was quite young and quite good looking. Hummunah.

dad said...

Actually, he had a pretty good comeback for an obviously embarrassing situation. Unless he planned it, of course... ;)