November 8, 2010

What a Champ He Is

In order to get ready for my business I signed up with the Albany/Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce for a class they have about making a winning business plan. I already had the bulk of my business plan together but I decided to take the course anyhow because I would meet a lot of different people who could help me and teach me all kinds of things I didn't think about. It's proven to be really great. The only problem I have with the class is that it's Tuesday and Wednesday nights and since I work on Tuesday nights I miss half of the classes. I get all the materials from the classes I miss and I'm able to meet with different presenters outside of class so I feel it's not really an issue missing the class.

There were some classes, however, that I really wanted to be able to attend but I couldn't get off of work to make it happen. I asked the course coordinator, who is really very accommodating, if Mike could attend some specific classes in my place. She said that yes, he could go for two classes. So I asked Mike if he wouldn't mind doing that for me and he was, no problem-totally. When I found out that the marketing class involved a presentation of my marketing plan I got him as prepared for class as much as I could. I felt terrible. He's in front of people all day so it's not as if he gets stage fright but I thought it pretty stinky that he couldn't just take notes. But! When he was giving me the post-mortem of the course it turns out he got sandwich wraps from the girl who wants to open a restaurant and he got cake from the girl who wants to open a bakery! So he got rewarded. And it turns out he's a hit with the ladies in class. When I went the next night they told me how great he was and how nice he is and oh, what a great job he did.

The next class I asked him to go to was about how to make a good presentation to the panel of judges. (This is also a competition for the best business plan. The winner gets a $1,000 grant and a free membership to the Chamber; second place gets a printer and third place gets some computer classes.) Unbeknown to me there was a presentation in this class as well. And food. This time the class got pizza. I think it's funny how he ends up making presentations but getting food. I didn't either make presentations of get food. And I paid for it!

Truly, I don't mind. I'm glad that he got something out of the classes. He did me a huge favor, twice, and got thanks from me and from the Universe. Grateful is the way to be.

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