November 23, 2010

For Those Wondering

My time was 3:01:49. Fifteen minutes longer than last year. Sad panda. But if you take out an eight minute bathroom rest stop, that's only seven more than last year. And that's not bad considering lack of training and hills.

OH THE HILLS. It was as if the hills were strategically placed to make everyone want to cry. And some did. I was one of them.

Miles seven and eight went by fast! I couldn't believe when I saw the mile markers. It made me smile a mile wide.

I think mile 5 was my fastest because that's about when I took the bathroom break and needed to find my pace buddy. I kept losing pace buddies because of the break and then there were so many people! SO MANY.

There were some great signs. Like, "You paid for this?" But my favorite sign has to be "13.2 would just be ridiculous."

My dream before the race had to do with the fact that I was in the last heat. I dreamt I was late for the race and when I caught up everyone ahead of us was gone leaving us in a wasteland. And the only people in my heat were old as crap folks and people with walkers. Yeah. I have no faith in my ability. But I'm working on that.


Teresa said...


dad said...

13.2--I don't get it.

belleshpgrl said...

A half marathon is 13.1.

dad said...

Ah... shoulda known.