November 26, 2010

Barely Made It

I almost went to bed without writing a post!!

A few months before Mike and I became engaged, we went to his family weekend reunion in Beaverkill, NY. Like previous family get togethers a group picture was taken. I was the only significant other to make it from reunion to reunion and there was a new fiance of a cousin in this year. The significant others were always included in the picture in years before. Well, at Beaverkill Grandpa decided that one family picture was going to be taken with the fiance and me included and that another was to be taken without us. But he didn't tell anyone until he announced that fiance and I were to leave the photo. I retreated to my room to wallow in my very public ostracization. I understood- he had no idea which significant other was going to stick and he had all these family photos with jack-asses who were no longer around. I just thought it was clear I would stick.

Well, I did and the other fiance didn't. I actually married Grandpa's first grandson. And when grandpa and grandson were chatting today, Mike found out that Grandpa is crafty with an exacto knife. Grandpa cut my picture out of the shot that included the ex-fiance and myself and taped me into the picture that had neither of us. And he did such a good job that no one noticed until he pointed it out. Grandpa went back to retroactively include me while simultaneously excluding the other dude. Crafty in multiple ways.

Can you tell that I'm missing a torso? Otherwise pretty good, no?

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dad said...

Very crafty indeed!