March 25, 2010

Is it Really That Bad?

I've been doing a lot of ruminating on Health Care Reform. Facebook and Twitter are just on fire. Most of my friends and people I follow are totally for it and need it and support it. And those online friends who post something about how awesome it is will inevitably get an angry comment from someone who is just pissed beyond belief about the whole thing. Some people out there are so angry they are attacking their representative's office and threatening violence to those who supported the bill. I can't believe the hatred and vitriol. It's fine to be upset with legislation you don't support being passed. I just don't quite understand why this issue, among all the other shit the government has done/is doing, is what's getting this violent reaction.

Many friends of mine fit into some of the following, if not multiple, categories- unemployed, artist, part-time, young, student, asthmatic, business owner. Those same people cannot have insurance. To pay for individual insurance, which I did for three years out of college, can be incredibly cost prohibitive. Paying that much for coverage while trying to provide for oneself is ridiculous.

Imagine a country where those people, anyone, can have the freedom to leave a situation they are in just to have coverage and start something that can better the world in which we live? It can be a scientist who leaves her job to cure cancer. It can be the next Picasso. It can be the next Google dude. Or it can be the young woman who wants to start her own company that will help starving children in Africa. These things happen now, this is true. But think of the millions of people who have health coverage as their last hang-up. They can now go out and conquer the world.

I really believe the United States of America can only benefit from Universal Health Coverage. We are the richest nation in the world and yet cannot take care of our own. This is not a perfect solution. Or a cheap solution. But it's a start. And we can make it happen. We can take care of each other. We can make this world a better place.

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dad said...

You've said this quite well. Bravo!